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Little Rock, Arkansas: 2018-2019

A body of photographic work by Elizabeth Kelly including and in collaboration with the kindergarten students of St. Theresa Catholic School: Little Rock, AR

Gelatin silver prints on fiber. Images taken using Yashica LM and Holga Plastic Camera

My journey as an educator has been dynamic. Because of the lack of funding for education, especially arts education, it has been interesting to emerge and exist in the field of elementary art education. In the fall of 2019 the school where was employed had to make budget cuts. All specialist positions were expunged. In order to continue my career, I took a temporary position as a full-time Kindergarten teacher at another school the district. I used photography to create environmental portraits with my students, allowing them to shoot with a Holga, to myself remain grounded and connected to art during this transitional period.  This work is a reflection on my year working as a kindergarten homeroom teacher. It honors the children who helped me to grow as a teacher and an artist, and it embodies the childlike fascination that comes with the exploration of a young mind. 

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