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A More Receptive Beauty

Growing Up Queer in Arkansas

A collaborative photographic essay by Elizabeth Kelly and members of the LGBTQIA+ community in Central AR

Color Portraits by Elizabeth Kelly

Interviews by Elizabeth Kelly and Collaborators

B&W Photos by Collaborators


Sometimes because you care, you've got to ask "What's it like growing up queer in Arkansas" 

Click on the photographs to see each complete series

Joseph 1 - Betsy.jpg
Joseph Name_edited.png
Lucy 1 - Betsy.jpg
Lucy Name _edited_edited.png
Mary Name_edited_edited.png
Mary 1 - Betsy.jpg
Natalie Name.png
Andy 1 - Betsy.jpg
Andy Name_edited_edited.png
Emma 1 - Betsy.jpg
Emma Name_edited_edited.png
Bekah 1 - Betsy.jpg
Bekah Name_edited_edited_edited.png
Beecher 1 - Betsy.jpg
Beecher Name_edited.png
Doah Name.png
Stormey Name.png

Work made as part of the Hendrix College multimedia storytelling project AV Arkansas

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